Prada Opens a Pop-up Museum Next Tuesday


Milanese artist Francesco Vezzoli partnered with Rem Koolhaas's design group AMO and fashion house Prada to create a special pop-up museum. It opens in Paris next Tuesday, at the Palais d'Iéna, but only for a single day before it pops back down; showing in the museum are films featuring fashionable celebrities — like, of course, Lady Gaga — that play alongside sculptures Vezzoli describes as "interpretations of classical [forms] that make reference to contemporary divas." Let's hope for Mariah Carey meets Venus, emerging from a clam shell full of QVC goodies. 

Guests invited to a private opening dinner will be the first to see the setup, before the venue becomes a nightclub for the remainder of the evening. And people not considered interesting enough to be invited can watch the lucky folk who did make the guest list fist-pump awkwardly and sing along to lots of kitschy Europop because the party will be streamed online, at — not that such an idea is creepy in the least. It's only the following morning that general admission to the museum opens, and then of course only until 8:30 p.m. sharp, when the museum's 24 hours are up.