This Creepy Picture Is Some Folks’ Idea of the ‘Perfect’ Woman

Scary. Photo: Feel Unique

Because apparently nobody ever gets tired of decidedly unscientific "ideal beauty" polls, the ironically titled British website conducted a survey of the most desirable celebrity body parts (well, from the waist up). This bosomy, pillow-lipped, raven-haired woman is a mash-up of the results, which were gathered from 9,350 people. The following celebrities were rated the "best" in each respective category:

HAIR: Kate Middleton 
EYES: Cheryl Cole 
CHEEKBONES: Keira Knightley 
CHIN: Gwyneth Paltrow 
EYEBROWS: Megan Fox 
NOSE: Kate Beckinsale 
LIPS: Angelina Jolie 
CHEST: Kelly Brook

The "ultimate" woman bears a weird resemblance to Kim Kardashian, even though she's not on the list (and isn't nearly as famous in England as she is in the States).