The Times Will Have You Know That Straight Guys Blog About Fashion, Too

Barbour jackets: straight male blogger–approved. Photo: Barbour

Here's a novel idea: Just as plenty of straight women don't spring from the womb caring deeply about their outfits, plenty of straight men do have strong opinions about fashion. And lo, they can share those opinions without fear of being labeled girly! The Times has a piece today about said "macho fashion bloggers" who "can gush about pocket stitching and still feel secure in their manhood," including Marcus Troy and A Continuous Lean's Michael Williams. In addition to waxing lyrical about Barbour jackets and distinguishing the difference between regular and selvedge denim, these guys still engage in manly pursuits like handing out business cards to girls that say, "Your boyfriend might be gay," as Mister Mort's Mordechai Rubinstein confessed to doing at parties. What wonderfully progressive times we live in.