Betsey Johnson Still Loves Cheerleaders and the Prom

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

The designer didn't want to put on just a show but a "Broadway production" when it came to her fall 2012 collection.  And with the inclusion of a marching pep squad, she made good on her promise.

The inspiration for her finale?  "Me being a cheerleader.  I was a cheerleader for nine years!  I was the head cheerleader for Syracuse University!" she exclaimed while celebrating her collection at the Stone Rose Lounge last night, surrounded by partygoers and waitresses in her ruffled taffeta dresses.  And it seems Johnson still holds the Most Popular title when it comes to high-school students.  "My claim to fame," she said of the ubiquity of her designs at high-school proms everywhere.  "Now I always ask the girls, 'Did you have a good time at the fuckin' prom?' And they always say, 'yes.'"

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