Coco Rocha’s First Makeup Artist Was the MAC Counter

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Back when she was a fledgling model, the Cut TV correspondent had to be very resourceful. “When I stared modeling, I knew nothing about makeup, like, I could not do anything for myself,” she said at the Viva Glam campaign launch on Wednesday night. “And especially for a dancer, you have to do your own makeup for theater; I couldn’t, I’d have to ask,” said Rocha, who was discovered at an Irish dance competition. “But my first modeling gig test shoot, I went to the MAC counter and asked them to do my makeup for my photo shoot,” she said. “No joke, there was no hair, no makeup, but I went to the MAC counter, and, you know, you’ve got to buy one thing, so I did that. They were like, ‘Why do you need makeup at two in the afternoon on a school day?’ And I was like, ‘I have a photo shoot. And you’re my makeup artist.’”