Fug Girls: Idris Elba Stays Tight-Lipped at Y-3

Photo: Joe Kohen/2012 Getty Images

Shortly before the Y-3 show started on Sunday, staffers grabbed a giant wad of tape and frantically began sticking down the layers of Persian rugs right in front of celebrity row. After warning everyone to tread carefully for fear of tripping, they must’ve had a moment of panic that somebody would take a wrong step and fall ass-over-teakettle into the lap of Idris Elba — who, yes, won an Emmy for Luther, but to us will always be Stringer Bell from The Wire, and thus, not a dude whose lap you want to mess with unless you’re invited. And on this night nobody was: Elba steadfastly refused to do interviews, preferring instead to sit silently in his front row perch, seemingly content to marinate in the Urkel-meets-Kanye vibe emanating from his dark-framed glasses. If only he actually had been Urkel and Kanye. You know those dudes would’ve given us a buddy comedy’s worth of sound bites.

Thwarted, we moved down the line to chat up Anton Yelchin, who was experiencing his first Fashion Week. “Fashion day, for me, actually,” he said. “I got in yesterday at four, so I’ve only had time to have dinner at a friend’s house, have a cheeseburger, take a bath…” Yelchin then somewhat nervously noted that the “trippy” front-row scene feels foreign to him. “I feel like, when you have a movie that you worked on, you actually know what to talk about [in interviews],” he said. Well, he had just said the magic word — cheeseburger — so that seemed as good a conversation topic as any. If you’re wondering, his toppings of choice generally hew to the very basic American cheese and veggies, unless there is an In-N-Out within range. “I know everyone at my In-N-Out, and they know me,” he said, quoting his standard order: “Double-double animal style with animal-style fries and a cup of water, no ice.” For those of you who don’t visit Los Angeles, that basically means a large pile of meat topped with awesome deliciousness (and presumably a lukewarm beverage, but we don’t judge). And when we asked what Yelchin is up to now, he said, as seatmate Isabel Lucas giggled, “I’m shooting the new Star Trek. Oh, and eating In-N-Out. Doing a few In-N-Out commercials.” Actually we think we just co-starred in one of those with him. If only Idris Elba had known what sparkling repartee awaited him with us, perhaps he’d have changed his mind.  He might have gotten a cheeseburger out of the deal. (For more Fug Girls, go here.)

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