Fug Girls: Joe Jonas Gets Mobbed at Jeremy Scott

Photo: Craig Barritt/2012 Getty Images

There was a serious media frenzy at Jeremy Scott on Wednesday afternoon when Kelly Cutrone led Joe Jonas out to his front row seat, announcing his presence to the assembled press at the top of her lungs with a wide grin on her face. "JOE JONAS. I HAVE JOE JONAS. JOE JONAS IS HERE," she told us, with a triumphant flourish of her arm. We smiled at her—we have loved Kelly ever since she was the only person on The Hills with more than one brain cell to rub together—and she noted, "That's my smart PR'ing right there."

It was smart, too, because it turns out that people are crazy for the Jonii. We got shoved into party girls Cory Kennedy and Sky Ferreira (who were just trying to find their seats) as everyone pounced on Eyebrows Jonas. For his part, Joe handled it like a pro—we suppose he has loads of practice dealing with crazy people wanting a taste of his business—answering questions left and right without ever breaking a sweat. "It's so nice to meet someone so nice in fashion," we heard him say of Scott, before noting that he previewed the collection backstage and thought it was really "exciting."  (This is true, especially if you are a fan of Bart Simpson. That is not some kind of sarcastic remark; there really were dudes wearing sweaters with Bart Simpson on them. Insert "cowabunga" joke here.)

Kelly placed Joe right next to the soothing, handsome Noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker, who seemed bemused by all the kerfuffle happening in his orbit. Across the runway and out of the eye of the hurricane were fellow ANTM cast members J. Alexander and Jay Manuel, the latter of whom looked like he'd spent all day yesterday watching the Buffy marathon on Chiller and decided to pull out his full-length leather duster this morning in homage. We were somewhat flummoxed by all the Top Modelites in attendance until we remembered that Kelly is taking over Andre Leon Talley's spot on the upcoming season, which we suspect will be awesome.  We just hope that Tyra doesn't get wind of today's activities and force Kelly to announce her at every judging panel.