Fug Girls: Earnest Enthusiasm and Leopard Flats at Christian Siriano

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 11: Models walk the runway at the Christian Siriano fall 2012 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Eyebeam Atelier on February 11, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Andy Kropa/Getty Images for Payless) Photo: Andy Kropa/2012 Getty Images

The first person we spied when we walked into Christian Siriano's show on Saturday afternoon was Brad Goreski, looking quite Brad-esque while gesticulating dramatically in a jaunty bow-tie. "The first fitting is always terrifying," he was confiding in someone. Hopefully, Siriano's show was less traumatic for him; it certainly was for actress Isabelle Fuhrman, who has a role in the upcoming Hunger Games, but whom you obviously know from her titular turn as a psychotic Eastern European hooker with a glandular disorder in the movie Orphan. The good news is that all that shifty, murderous mania was just acting, because Fuhrman seemed to be having the time of her life, sitting next to Nina Dobrev in the front row with a big, delighted grin on her face. She actually seemed to gasp with joy at the clothes, and as much as we like to pretend like we're crusty old crones who hate everything (except Cheyenne Jackson), it was seriously endearing. On the way out of the venue, we found ourselves standing between Fuhrman and her PR girl, and overheard the actress ask if they were going to have time to go backstage and tell Christian how great the show was. "Because it was wonderful," she added. This outpouring of adorableness made it impossible for us to turn to her and ask her what it was like to have to pretend to seduce Peter Sarsgaard when she was only twelve. It just seemed too creepy. Next time, Fuhrman. Start thinking how you're going to get out of that one.

In fact, the entire front row seemed to be having a good time. We overheard a reporter turn to Nina Dobrev and open a line of questioning about The Vampire Diaries by saying, "So… you're human at present," which she took in remarkable stride, but we had to rush to our seats before she could spill any spoilers, or before we could sidle up to her and ask her how terribly difficult it is for her to make out with hot dudes all day long. Next to Nina was Mena Suvari, looking fetching in hot pink, and, in a nice surprise, Gabourey Sidibe, who—in what is perhaps a front row Fashion Week first—was rocking a pair of leopard print flats. Flats! On an Oscar nominee. Wonders truly will never cease.