John Galliano Emerges in London

Galliano. Photo: JACQUES DEMARTHON/2011 AFP

John Galliano finally ventured out of his house — or wherever he's been holed up for almost a year now — to attend a birthday party for D.J. Jeremy Healy in London, the Post reports. (Since his drunken debacle, his only non-court-related appearance was at Kate Moss's wedding, where he fluffed her veil and looked sad.) According to the Post's source, his presence at Healy's party "caused quite a flutter in the room." And despite being at a trendy bar (Hix on Brewer Street), John behaved himself: "John was quiet and reserved, he was sober and very demure, but there to support his friend," the source reports. Perhaps this is the first step in Galliano's gradual reintegration into the world? The fashion industry's horror at his behavior has waned at this point, and he's surely received some invitations to European shows.