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Newlywed Johnny Weir Enjoys Obsessive Cleaning and Cooking Glittery Food

Just six weeks after his wedding to Victor Voronov, the ice skater says their relationship hasn’t changed much. “The sex hasn’t left the marriage yet, I still do everything that I did before, as does he. I vacuum, I clean, I cook, I take care of everything,” Weir told us at the Alice + Olivia presentation on Monday. But Voronov, an attorney, does his part around the house as well. “I help out,” he said. “I take the trash out, and I … That’s about it.

“Well, he had a Russian Jewish mother who did everything for him, so he never learned,” Weir explained. Besides, Weir enjoys doing household chores so much he won’t hire a housekeeper. “I’m like Mommie Dearest. I’d be the one that beats the shit out of the maid because they missed a spot,” he said.

Weir cleans on Sundays — obsessively. “I come down from my office, and my entire bathroom is out there and he’s polishing every little thing in my bathroom,” said Voronov. “I had to get him a feather duster because he has to Windex every little thing, and it’s a waste; I said, you’ve got to get efficient about this.”

“Everything sparkles, as you can imagine. Everything sparkles, Fabergé eggs and gold gilt mirrors,” Weir said, proudly. “It’s a little over the top.”

When it comes to dinner, Weir likes to make meat dishes and salads for his hubby. “And there’s glitter on the food, too,” Voronov added.

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Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/2012 Gilbert Carrasquillo

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