Lana Del Rey Defends Her Lips in T

Lana Del Rey, shot by Terry Richardson. Photo: Terry Rochardson/T Magazine

Lana Del Rey covers T's spring fashion issue, shot by Terry Richardson, and the accompanying story defines her as "the perfect antidote to Rihanna-Gaga overload — dare we say, a skinnier Adele, a more stable Amy Winehouse?" Whatever we're supposed to infer from that is unclear (does the world need a skinnier Adele?), but the article does attempt to lay to rest rumors about Del Rey's large, enhanced-looking lips.

The subject of Del Rey’s mouth is an irresistible one. So, sitting on the steps of a 25th Street brownstone, I ask the seemingly preposterous question. “It’s fine,” she assures me. “They’re real lips, I mean. In real life my lips don’t look that big. I think because I cartoonized the footage of myself in the video for ‘Video Games’ things look exaggerated.”

So, we'll take that as a "no"?