Patti Stanger Wants to Set Up Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Patti Stanger did some fantasy fashion-world matchmaking before she took to the runway at last night’s Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show. First up: Marc Jacobs.  “If I could put him, and oh my God, let me think for a second. Tom Ford. That’s a fit. Is Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs a fit? 'Cause they both have those muscles and ripped bodies. And they both look straight. I’d date ‘em. They’re both gorgeous. And I didn’t mean that as a generalization, and don’t you gay people get all snippy with me. I meant that as a compliment!” Patti, it turns out, has a personal connection. “Daniel, my ex, is cousins with Marc Jacobs, from Massachusetts.”

Now, try to imagine Tom Ford getting “snippy.”