Emmanuelle Alt Dances, Lip Syncs for French Vogue’s Website Redesign

Emmanuelle Alt.

It's been a big month for splashy redesigns in the fashion magazine world, but Harper's Bazaar and Glamour can't even begin to compare to French Vogue's revamped website, at least in terms of initial presentation. To unveil the new Vogue.fr, Emmanuelle Alt put on her white high-tops, tucked in her Vogue T-shirt, and lip synced to George Michael's "Wake Me Up" while a crowd of models — including Anja Rubik, Karmen Pedaru, Jasmine Tookes, and Kendra Spears — clapped and danced in the background. Bonus features include smoke machines, jazz hands, and awesome yellow fingerless gloves. Vogue.fr explains that the song is "the musical mascot" of the revamped website (it goes without saying that Emmanuelle Alt is the actual mascot, of course). NFL, take note: Next year you could take your halftime show Vogue-branding to a whole new level! See the video here.