Best Bet: Don Saddles


If you want to personalize your bike, you can tack on a retro basket or buy a cutesy bell. But if that’s not quite your speed, consider a custom-upholstered bicycle seat from Brooklyn’s Don Saddles (from $45 at the 3rd Ward store, 195 Morgan St., nr. Stagg St., Bushwick; 718-715-4961). Moped-riding furniture-maker Elise McMahon and textile designer Francesca Capone collect old seats from local bike shops, then use techniques generally reserved for reupholstering couches or embroidering handbags to resuscitate them. The resulting saddles come in dozens of colors and designs, from dual-tone metallic leather to intricately stitched monochromatic beauties. Plus, a standard-trumping bookcase, kaleidoscopic kitchen tools, and more in this week's issue. [NYM]