Hot Chocolate, Chitchat Leading Causes of Stress Among Chanel Customers

Photo: Marc Stamas/2012 Getty Images

2.55 toters everywhere — hold fast to your handbags and hear this harrowing tale: 32-year-old Dion Leung Wai-yin is seeking compensation from Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, claiming the department store essentially held her hostage for over an hour and a half after she stopped by to authenticate a Chanel bag she purchased there. Leung told the South China Morning Post, "I was locked in a VIP room, [an employee] served me hot chocolate and he started to chit-chat with me. When I asked him when were we going to discuss the bag, he tried to [talk] about his divorce, the size of his feet and where he came from." Someone get a hold of this surveillance tape!

According to Lane Crawford, Leung's bag was sourced via Manhattan vintage store What Goes Around Comes Around.* The company released the following statement:

"Lane Crawford prides itself on the integrity of its service, the authenticity of the merchandise it sells and the partners it works with ... The customer returned the bag because it was damaged. Our Customer Service staff worked quickly to resolve the matter, and as is our policy, immediately issued a full refund for the damaged bag and apologized for any inconvenience caused."

Leung wants 50,000 Hong Kong dollars, or $6,441, and two additional Chanel handbags for the "depression" and "anxiety" caused by the entire situation, suggesting the purses don't come with a complimentary stash of Quaaludes, as we always guessed they might.

*This post has been updated to state that Leung's bag was sourced through WGACA.