Tag Heuer Taps Cameron Diaz; Oprah Wins This Year’s DVF ‘Lifetime Leadership’ Award

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

• Tag Heuer signed actress Cameron Diaz as its new brand ambassador. [WWD]

Diane von Furstenberg named the recipients of this year's DVF Awards ahead of tonight's ceremony, with Oprah Winfrey receiving the Lifetime Leadership Honor. [Vogue UK]

New York Daily News discovered some pretty inappropriate children's T-shirts being sold on Sears's website, printed with slogans like, "Don't Make Me Kick You in the Fallopian Tubes" and “Nice Girls Don't Pepper Spray."  [NYDN]

• Lion Capital acquired the majority of John Varvatos; the designer will retain a minority share of the company. [WWD]

• In the final episode of VFILES "Model Files" video series, "The Great Go-See: Part 3," Tati Cotliar offers a scary cleanse suggestion: "If you mix vinegar with Red Bull, and then take a Diet Coke, your system just gets skinny." Likely because you'd be violently ill. [YouTube]

• See passenger reactions to that Banana Republic–Mad Men fashion show staged on an airplane  — caught on film are nonplussed old folks, lots of cell-phone-photo-taking, but sadly no-one asking a model for more complimentary peanuts. [HuffPo]

• Jenna Lyons on J.Crew's higher price points: “We sort of, over time, tested the waters and I think when [customers] understand and believe in what we’re doing and can see the value, there’s no resistance,” she said. 
“We had to raise the price a little bit because we were offering a much different product than we’d offered before,” Lyons recalled. “We had a wonderful response from people.” [Daily]

• Aéropostale saw a 69 percent drop in fourth-quarter earnings. [WWD]

• DKNY PR Girl Aliza Licht's work comes before personal social media platforms. "Let’s just say that my personal Facebook page is very jealous," she said. "Oh, and I have a personal Twitter account with one tweet on it. This makes total sense to me because my Donna Karan social media life is really my stream of consciousness." [Fashion's Collective]

• Kate Middleton misses Prince William "terribly" when he's away — though really, saying anything less effusive would get her sent to the Tower of London. [People]

• Interest in cocker spaniels has risen 50 percent after Kate Middleton gave Prince William one for Christmas. Animal welfare groups are worried that the fad could result in higher numbers of abandoned animals once people realize having the same dog as royalty doesn't actually elevate your social status. [Daily Mail UK]