Wait, Do Models Really Eat Quarters?


In a new promotional video for Barneys Co-op, models stand around and talk — about themselves, no less — which is mostly awkward but also oddly fascinating. Two of the models compare toe injuries ("Some *bleep* dropped a hanger on my toe. A wood hanger. She was a *bleep.* A *bleep*ing *bleep.*"), while another talks about having a baby at 24, and yet another tap dances (she's actually really good!). Anyway, there's one scene where two models admit to eating quarters, which seems ... disturbing. They don't explain this further, so we have to ask: Is that a creepy weight loss "thing," like eating cotton balls? Are people reading this right now and thinking, "GOD, I can't believe she doesn't know about the ole quarter trick"? Or did both of these models just coincidentally eat quarters at some point in their lives by accident, the way we all unwittingly eat bugs that happen to be in our food? (Sorry if you're reading this during lunch, by the way.)