See All the ‘Cutesy’ Looks From the Weekend’s Kids’ Choice Awards Red Carpet


Teen stars, their parents, and other adult celebs with nothing else to do attended this year's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday afternoon, because the ACM Awards didn't hold a monopoly on the weekend's questionable red-carpet fashion. Many of the event's bigger names (Nicki Minaj, Taylor Lautner, the Biebs, and so on) didn't deign to walk the carpet at all, and those that did kept the fashions cropped and casual with that wacky edge that teen stars' stylists think will help distinguish their clients from the otherwise indistinguishable roster of wide-smiling, clean-cut young Hollywood hopefuls. But seeing as many attendees get "slimed" during the show, perhaps they just didn't want to ruin their nicest clothes. Click through our slideshow to see Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, big new Brit boy-band One Direction, plenty of Hunger Games tributes, Jada Pinkett Smith in an ill-advised pink jumpsuit, and even more.

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