BCBG’s Max Azria Sued Over a Bizarre Playboy Condom Deal That Never Was

Max Azria.

TMZ reports that financially troubled designer Max Azria is being sued for $220 million by a man named Jimmy Esebag, who claims Azria is a "narcissistic braggart" and didn't deliver on a deal to market Playboy–branded condoms to Wal-Mart, of all things. The lawsuit doesn't make sense on many levels — particularly a strange sidenote that mentions Azria's relations with Wal-Mart had soured when high levels of lead were supposedly found in his clothes (and we thought Miley Cyrus was the problem!). Esebag claims he'd have made $220 million if Azria had held up his end of the deal. Naturally, Max Azria's camp denies all of this.