Best Bet: Gallagher’s Paper Collectibles

Vintage magazine covers from Gallager's collection. Photo: Danny Kim

To magazine fetishists, the 2008 shuttering of Michael Gallagher’s fashion-publication-packed store looked to be the end of an era. But Gallagher’s Paper Collectibles (12 Mercer St., nr. Grand St.; 212-804-6400) has come back from the grave — or at least from his so-called Fashion Farm in the Catskills — in collaboration with VFiles. Glossies, books, and illustrations from the 1850s to the 1990s make up the exhaustive trove, rife with iconic imagery by the likes of Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, and Cecil Beaton. The shop’s selection, which will rotate in from Gallagher’s upstate archives, ranges from nineties rags (copies of Vogue, Dazed & Confused, and the Face are on sale, starting at $30) to the museum-worthy: an April 1965 Harper’s Bazaar cover — starring Jean Shrimpton in a space helmet and signed by Avedon himself. Plus, a retro stool, temporary tattoos, and more new stuff in this week's issue. [NYM]