Dov Charney: My Lawsuits Are ‘a Testimony to My Success’


Dov Charney, surrounded by neon Spandex bodysuits and unisex viscose tees (so, in his element), sat still for his first business interview in years, which aired today on CNBC. Reporter Jane Wells asked the American Apparel chairman and CEO why he clings to a model that "at the moment, is unprofitable." Charney said:

I think you're casting it in the wrong light, that it's unprofitable. From the accounting perspective, ten, twenty feet up, yeah, it's unprofitable. If you get down at the numbers, our gross margins — I'm talking about the cost versus the selling price — our gross margins are as high as a luxury brand like Prada.

She also brought up Charney's alleged behavioral issues:

That's also a testimony to my success, though, the fact that I'm a target for baseless lawsuits ... All the lawsuits that have been levied against me are baseless ... I'm not going to sit here and go through thousands of pages or something, but the allegations that I acted improperly at any time are completely a fiction.

Wells noted, "I would say the range of criticism is everything from sexual predator, which you've heard, to just maybe, uh, weird," to which Dov responded, "Well, you know, weird — I like weird." You don't say.