Mad Men Fashion Recap: Betty’s Fat Days


The only thing better than Betty's return to Mad Men is her coming back fat, grumpy as ever, and sitting on the couch eating Bugles straight from the bag while dressed in what appears to be a pink button-down duvet. The episode begins with Sally and Bobby grunting as they try to zip their mother into a silvery dress (they can't, and Betty is so mortified that she crawls into bed and refuses to leave the house). However, her weight gain might be caused by something more worrisome than housewife-syndrome-induced munchies, which leads to her making several doctor's visits in a delightful parade of frumpy floral getups. Meanwhile, Megan looks as slender and stylish as ever, and the ad men continue their intrepid experiments with loud, plaid blazers. See all the episode's best looks in our fashion recap.

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