Pippa Unlikely to Be Charged in Gun Incident

Pippa and the gun.

Despite the media circus, there's been precious little legal fallout from that bizarre (and apparently hilarious at the time) gun incident involving Pippa Middleton in Paris this weekend. The paparazzo on the receiving end of the gunpoint hasn't filed any complaints — he's probably been too busy counting all the money he's made by selling the photos and video to British tabloid The Sun — and the French police confirm that they won't be talking to Pippa about the matter.

Meanwhile, another paparazzo said the gun was fake and meant to be a joke. He told French magazine Gala:

When the driver pulled out his plastic pistol, it was for a joke, to amuse. A few minutes later, when the vehicle had parked, I was able to touch the plastic weapon which the driver showed to me. It was possible to see that it was the kind of thing you would find in a toy shop.

Unsurprisingly, there's been no word from the palace nor the Middleton family about the incident.