Slideshow: The Week in Style Blogs


Style bloggers and normal folks alike spent this week straddling the line between warm and cold weather, which (let's be honest) made getting dressed a massive pain. It's a little too early to break out those summer skirts and dresses, but there's just no way you're going to put on that puffer again. This means we saw a whole lot of blazers (as seen on Alexandra Per, shot in Bologna for Lovely Pepa, shown) as well as military jackets, booties, and some cool sunglasses on the blogs this week. Also, button-downs are getting some airtime, particularly those with cute Peter Pan collars (see Isabella Melo, shot in New York by Altamira). Other highlights from the week: Kelly Framel for The Glamourai, Sara Ellisson by Swagger New York, and more street-style stars in our slideshow.