Tyson Beckford Once Got Paid $40,000 a Day

Tyson Beckford Photo: Danny Martindale/WireImage

Over the years, Linda Evangelista's "$10,000 a day" quote has withered into a cliché, except on rare occasions when models like Tyson Beckford decide that one-upping her in interviews is a good idea. Beckford tells Mr. Porter's blog, the Journal, that even he thinks he's overpaid sometimes:

I once walked in a fashion show ­— literally, just walked — for no more than a minute or two and they paid me a silly amount of money ... $40,000. I was like, 'Really? You don't have to give me that!' You know when Linda said that it set the bar for every other model — ­ everyone just upped their day rates. It was hilarious. All the models —  women and men — were like, 'Remind me to send Linda flowers!'

As for his job's other perks, like meeting hot ladies and sometimes making out with them, he says:

We get to work with some insane-looking girls. I used to come off shoots and my girlfriend would ask, 'Why did you have to kiss the model in that campaign?' My line is always the same: 'The photographer made me do it!'

Your move, Shanina!