Kate Upton’s High-Fashion Career Seems to be Progressing Nicely

Kate Upton as a sexy Easter bunny in LOVE's video. Photo: Love Magazine

Kate Upton may never be able to divorce herself from her so-called "Page 3 Girl" look, but high-fashion folks seem to have no problem with that. In the past few months, she posed for Muse magazine and was shot by Toby McFarlan Pond for the Met Costume Institute catalogue — both decidedly sophisticated bookings. Sure, she also played the gratuitous hot girl deep-throating a patty melt in a Carl's Jr. commercial, but who's to judge a healthy balance of high and low? Most recently, she played a sexy Easter bunny in a video for LOVE magazine (she tucks chocolate eggs into her bra and slathers her lingerie-clad self with that shiny Easter basket grass-stuff), shot by Into the Gloss's Emily Weiss.

It's always great to see the high-fashion industry embracing a woman with some meat on her bones, but it's notable that Kate's been mostly confined to shoots where she has to be "sexy" — posing either nude or in lingerie instead of wearing clothes. The real question is whether she'll eventually have to choose between being a men's magazine "body girl" or a high-fashion pinup-type like Lara Stone (if we're being realistic, the decision might be made for her). Regardless, it's wise for any model to put her eggs in several different ... er, baskets.