To Discuss: The Outfits in the Gatsby Trailer


It's rare for a movie to be quite so in bed with the fashion industry as Baz Luhrmann's forthcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby. The film had barely been cast — and wasn't even close to shooting — when it spawned a bunch of twenties-themed spring 2012 collections (namely Gucci and Ralph Lauren). Luhrmann then got involved with the Costume Institute's new exhibit "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations" and created all of the films that are sprinkled throughout the show's galleries. In turn, Gatsby star Carey Mulligan co-hosted this year's Met Gala with Anna Wintour. It's a veritable orgy of favor-trading, and it ensures the following things: The movie will be full of really fabulous costumes, and Vogue will cover the hell out of it (and surely give Mulligan another cover sometime before the the film's Christmas release date).

So, speaking of the costumes, what do we think? In typical Luhrmann fashion, they're far more fantastical, sparkly, and circuslike than, say, historically accurate for 1922. Gauging by the first trailer, out today, we can probably expect the wardrobe to look like some combination of the film's 1974 adaptation (Mia Farrow!) and a Beyoncé concert in Vegas — both of which are exciting things to shoot for. Here's what we spotted: lots of gold lamé, beaded halter necks, ostrich-feather fans, long pearl necklaces, fringed crop tops, and jewel- and sequin-encrusted everything. Nary a single bob haircut escapes some sort of elaborate headdress, barrette, or hair band. As for the men, there appear to be some nice three-piece suits, dapper hats, and fun mustaches. Oh, and speaking of historical accuracy: All of the characters appear to be sweaty and drunk all the time — a nice touch of realism?