Julia Restoin-Roitfeld Thrilled That Carine Put Her in a Bra and a Cape for i-D’s Latest Cover

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld.

A very pregnant Julia Restoin-Roitfeld nabbed one of i-D's summer "Lights, Camera, Action" covers, wearing lingerie and an Alexander McQueen cape (and holding a teddy bear to hide one eye, keeping with the magazine's trope), as photographed by Mario Sorrenti and styled by her mom, Carine. "I loved that my mum dressed me sexy like that," Julia said of the future "Madame" to her child. "I still dress how I used to dress and sometimes people look at me weird on the street, as if because I'm pregnant I stop being a woman." Yes, they might look at you weird on the street — but then again, you're a Roitfeld, and it's New York City, so they'd be looking anyway.