Lady Gaga Forced to Cancel Show in Indonesia Because Her Sexy Outfits Caused Security Problems

Lady Gaga's new meat dress, not coming to Indonesia. Photo: via Facebook

The Indonesian police have denied Lady Gaga's permit for her sold-out June 3 show in Jakarta due to security concerns over threats made against her — or, more specifically, against her outfits. According to the AP, a fringe group of Muslim extremists has criticized her sexy ensembles and promised to use physical force to prevent her from performing (this group is not to be confused with the many Islamic lawmakers who have peacefully opposed her show). The local and national police are worried that they won't be able to guarantee Gaga's safety and have therefore recommended that she cancel her visit and concert — which was to be the biggest on her Asian tour, with 52,000 attendees in total. That's a lot of people to deprive of a meat-dress reprise.