Vogue Paris’s ‘Health Initiative’ Issue Stars Gisele’s Sandy Butt Cheeks

Gisele, shot by Inez & Vinoodh.

As part of their new initiative to use "healthy" models, all of the international editions of Vogue pledged to roll out special editorials in their June issues to promote positive body image (with the one exception of Japanese Vogue, which will publish its special editorial for July). American Vogue embraced this effort by putting three athletes on its June cover and publishing two lengthy editorials starring members of this year's U.S. Olympic team (and Karlie Kloss). French Vogue, meanwhile, put a topless, sandy-bottomed Gisele Bündchen on its June/July cover, with these headlines running across her bare back (translated from French): "Health Initiative Issue ... Special Shapes: the cult of the body and mind." Also, "Exclusive interview: the secrets of Gisele Bündchen, sexy & 'healthy' idol." What about Gisele's "health" merits quotes, one wonders? And secrets? Not that we're questioning her physical well-being, of course, but really — does this cover convince you that anything about Vogue's "message of healthy body image" has changed?