Snooki Gets a Make-Under; Tanning Mom Banned From Some Salons

Snooki gets a make-under for V magazine. Photo: Nathaniel Goldberg/V Magazine


Snooki got a make-under for V magazine. [V Magazine]


Skin-cancer experts are not pleased that H&M used a deeply tanned Isabeli Fontana in its latest swimwear campaign. [Daily Mail]

Several New Jersey salons have banned the tanaholic mom. [TMZ]

Eataly is opening a beauty section filled with brands that use plenty of Italian ingredients, like olive oil. [Beauty High]


OPI is launching its own line of nail-art strips, called Pure Lacquer Nail Apps. [Beauty High]


Azealia Banks wears hair curlers in the spring/summer issue of Dossier. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone on the connection between gymnastics and scrunchies: "I refuse to wear a scrunchy. I honestly think they're bad luck and I hate them. I don't know why people think they’re so great and why they’re still a trend. It's not fashionable or cute!" [Fashionista]