Best Bet: Jao Outscent

Photo: Danny Kim /New York Magazine

In the war against city insects, combat options are limited: Shield your person in a bath of chemicals that smell like lighter fluid (but worse), or surrender to a rash of itchy red welts. Enter Jao Outscent ($50 at the Future Perfect, 55 Great Jones St., nr. Bowery; 212-473-2500), a bug repellent for the bug-repellent-averse. Created by Gale Mayron for the buggy backyards of Brooklyn, the unisex cologne is made with grapefruit, fir needle, patchouli, and lemon-eucalyptus oil, which the CDC recently recommended as a natural alternative to plastic-melting DEET. Spritz directly on skin or clothes for a light, woodsy, citrusy scent that lingers softly, attracting humans—not crawly things. Plus, stackable espresso cups, crochet hangers, and and more in this week's issue. [NYM]