The Cut Works Out With Simon Doonan


Don't be fooled by Simon Doonan's petite stature: The man is a weight-slinging, iron-pumping machine, and he works out religiously as part of his daily schedule. For the first installment of our new fitness feature, "The Cut Works Out With ...", we tagged along with the Barneys creative ambassador at Crunch on a recent rainy morning to see how he maintains his physique. No sooner had he arrived in his sunglasses and snug Ed Hardy tee, a fanny-pack slung around his waist, when he bopped over to the elliptical and began pumping away while we struggled to keep up.

So, what's his exact routine? "I go on the elliptical most days for 32 minutes," he explained, barely breaking a sweat. "The first ten minutes I warm up, and then the second ten minutes I go absolutely batshit, and then the third ten minutes is somewhere in the middle." He follows this with a two-minute cool-down and then proceeds to the weight room, where he loads up the bench press bar with 20 pounds (with the bar, he lifts 45 pounds total, and does twenty reps). "I'm in preservation mode," he explained, flexing a not-unimpressive bicep. "I got bicep tendonitis last year from carrying my Goyard man-bag ... it's better to do the things that don't injure you, so I have a little repertoire of stuff that is not injurious."