To Discuss: Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis’s Contrasting Hairdos

Marc Jacobs and Harry Louis.

Marc Jacobs brought Harry Louis, his reported Brazilian porn star boyfriend, to all sorts of events around New York this week (here they are at last night's amfAR gala, for example). As we can all attest, it's been rough hair weather lately — humid, with lots of scattered showers and thunderstorms — so it's understandable that they've loaded up on gels and mousses and the like. But isn't it interesting how their respective hairdos look so similar, but yet opposite at the same time? Harry's hair is like a wave at the peak of its crest, while Marc's is more like one that has broken and is lapping nicely across the beach of his forehead, if you will. Also, their hair color is remarkably similar. Anyway, food for thought at 5:30 p.m. on a sunny June Friday.