Today in ‘Did You Know?’: PETA Refers to the Olsen Sisters As the ‘Trollsen Twins’

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Specifically, "Hairy-Kate" and "Trashley" Trollsen. And the animal rights group's latest gripe relates to the designers' $16,900 fur-covered backpack for The Row. PETA released the following statement to E! News:

If it looks like a troll and acts like a troll, it's probably a Trollsen Twin — or someone wearing one of their new $16,000 totes, which are made from the fur and skins of innocent animals ... What the Olsens lack in creativity, they try to make up for in shock value. Sadly, it's the foxes, calves, and alligators — who often have the fur ripped off them while they are still conscious and able to feel pain — who pay the dearest price.

Fashionista points out that the PETA came up with the Trollsen moniker in 2007, and maintains a website upon which you can dress Hairy-Kate and Trashley in various blood-covered clothes. Which is all fine (by fine, we mean terrifying) and clever, but it's time to update with a nickname for Olivier Sarkozy! And "Scarekozy" is too easy.