Anna Wintour to Host Another Obama Fund-raising Dinner

Harvey and Anna. Photo: Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images

Anna Wintour's last fund-raiser for Barack Obama, held at Sarah Jessica Parker's apartment in May, garnered criticism from a number of parties. Some felt it made Obama look like he had nothing better to do than nibble crostini with rich, out-of-touch celebrities, while others were simply opposed to the "total insanity" it created in Parker's West Village neighborhood. But haters can seethe all they want in their tree-shaded brownstones: the 50-guest, $40,000-per-plate dinner raised a boatload of money for Obama's campaign, so Wintour's going in for round two, this time with Harvey Weinstein as a cohost. This dinner will take place in the far less congested neighborhood of Greenwich, CT on August 6, according to the Post, with tickets reportedly going for $35,800 per head — a comparative steal! (In other news: Wouldn't it be just adorable if all the guests brought their dogs to frolic on the lawn in their Bark for Obama gear? Anna, you can totally steal that if you want.)