Bust Magazine Asked Tavi About the Future

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 10: Rookie Magazine Founder and Fashion Blogger Tavi Gevinson seen wearing a vintage wedding dress outside the Boy and Girl by Band of Outsiders Presentation in Manhattan during Spring 2012 Fashion Week on September 10, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Monica Mcklinski/Getty Images) Photo: Henry S. Dziekan III/WireImages/Getty

She said: "I think that I will probably finish high school and do a couple of projects that I'm excited about on the side. I love movies and TV, and it seems like that's the best way to apply all of the aesthetics I'm interested in. I would really, really, really enjoy filmmaking or art-directing. Then, after high school, I think I want to take a year off and live in L.A., because I just really like it there and everything is pretty. But yeah, I need to take a year off from school after high school because I want to be able to focus on one thing: life or school ... I'm a little worried that I'll take a year off and then just never go to college." She also talked about humping parties, which, of course, she doesn't attend.