A Few Words on Olympic Nail Art

From left: Claire Donahue, Dana Vollmer, Missy Franklin. Photo: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images, GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/GettyImages, MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/GettyImages

A fresh, patriotic manicure is the de facto beauty statement for female Olympic athletes (and some nonathletic Olympics enthusiasts as well). This makes all kinds of sense: Who's going to go through the trouble of making their hair look nice when they're just going to smush it under a bathing cap? And makeup is just a runny disaster waiting to happen; God forbid you mess up your pommel horse routine because of some disobedient mascara. Anyway, here's a tribute to Olympic manicures on swimmers Claire Donahue, Dana Vollmer, and Missy Franklin. They might not have won our nail-art competition, but they've got more important things to think about.