Liberty Ross Displays Naked Ring Finger Some More, Sticks to Animal Prints

Liberty Ross with an unidentified man (left); with children (right) in L.A. Photo:

Since venturing out in L.A. in a fierce, vengeful peplum earlier this week, wronged wife Liberty Ross has made two more public appearances. Her wedding ring is still nowhere to be seen, but meanwhile, she's been wearing a lot of denim and animal print (if you look closely at the two photos above, you'll notice that those two leopard-slash-zebra-print garments aren't the same — one's a blazer, while the other's a cardigan). Anyway, her fashion choices are just begging to be analyzed: She's obviously feeling fierce, animalistic, and possibly even predatory. She'll kick, bite, or claw you if she needs to. So even though she did reunite with her remorseful husband outside a deli yesterday, her outfit said, "Careful, Rupert. I'll slash you with my lapel if I have to."