Presenting: Liberty Ross’s Revenge Outfit

Don't mess. Photo: Ben Pruchnie/2011 Getty Images

Model-slash-actress Liberty Ross has been lying low (understandably) since her husband, Rupert Sanders, and Kristen Stewart issued their weird respective apologies for cheating on their significant others with one other. Yesterday, Ross surfaced in L.A. for the first time since the affair broke, her wedding ring gone and her makeup and hair impeccable. Now this, folks, is an archetypal revenge outfit: Note the sharp navy fabric, the gold-studded collar, the razor-sharp pleating, the flared hemlines, and the gleaming zipper that's almost completely fastened. This is a woman who is not to be messed with. She will cut you with that peplum if she has to. (We don't have permission to run the photo, but you can see it here on TMZ.)