Victoria’s Secret Sued for Selling Knockoff Hosiery

The stockings in question.

You probably read this headline and thought, How the hell do you knock off stockings? What a dumb lawsuit. I hate Mondays. Here's your answer: New Jersey–based hosiery company Zephyrs has supplied Victoria's Secret with a number of their products, including fishnet tights and other stockings, since 2001. A few months ago, the company noticed that Victoria's Secret wasn't selling their stuff anymore, even though the retailer was still using images of their hose on packaging and on other promotional images around the store. In fact, the only thing that had changed about the packaging was that it said "Made in Canada" instead of "Made in Italy" (where Zephyrs's factories are located). Meanwhile, the legwear they were selling instead was of much poorer quality — no reinforced heel construction, for example, which means holes and runs galore. Zephyrs's initial attempts to work out a settlement deal with VS apparently went nowhere, so now they're suing the company for false advertising and breach of contract.