Why Do Women Vote Republican?

Photo: RCWW, Inc./Corbis

New York Times columnist Charles Blow took on the age-old question of why women would vote for a party that denies their right to abortion, their access to contraception and preventative health care, that they were "legitimately" raped, etc., and concludes, basically, that female Republicans must be married and voting for their husbands' candidates. They couldn't be voting in their own economic interests because job creation is useless if you're stuck at home with unplanned babies. Or, as Ann Coulter puts it, only single women vote for President Obama because they “look to the government to be their husbands and give them, you know, prenatal care, and preschool care, and kindergarten care, and school lunches.” What form do we have to fill out to get the government to hold us when we're sad?