Back of the Benz: After Hours With Naeem Khan

After long hours of fittings, go-sees, or back-to-back shows, it’s nice to know you have a sweet ride waiting to take you someplace fun at the end of the day. Fashion Week title sponsor Mercedes-Benz donated its new 2013 G-Class cars for our series of videos featuring industry insiders heading out for the evening. First up, a cheerful yet exhausted Naeem Khan heading up to Bergdorf Goodman for Fashion’s Night Out. Excited for the party, Khan still plans to pace himself until after his show's walked this coming Tuesday. “Two drinks, three drinks, [post-show] there's no such rule ... but you have to know how much you can handle." (Notes his publicist, "that's when you start showing the love.") Check back for more Back of the Benz videos as the week goes on — who knows where our passengers will end up next? It won't be anywhere quite as exotic as the Benz below, but still.

Photo: Courtesy of Mercedes Benz