Beautygram: Chris Benz Likes Pink Things


Lancome makeup artist Daniel Martin went to town, working with varying shades of pink for the designer's spring presentation. "Chris told me the inspiration was Tiny Tim meets Japanese Wood Nymph," Martin said backstage at Lincoln Center today. "I'm responsible for the Japanese aspect of it, but my version is kind of dead Geisha-like." Lancome's Balm in Love in Coral Electric was dabbed onto lips, while the brand's Blush in Love in color No. 20 (a bright highlighter hue) and Color Design shadow in Perpetual Pink were applied to models' eyelids, temples, and cheeks (both Balm in Love and Blush in Love aren't available until next spring). The effect was a wash of pink, in different depths, wrapping the face. "You know how in Japanese horror films the ghost always has pale skin and reddish eyes?" Martin asked. "That's the look here, but a bit more ethereal."