Beautygram: Fuchsia Lips at Oscar de la Renta


Karlie Kloss couldn't get enough of Gucci Westman's spin on Holly Golightly at Oscar de la Renta. "It looks so pretty and natural," the model said of the makeup artist's layered fuchsia lip. "I really think anyone could do it, and it looks like that, too!" To get the look, you'll have to wait until May when Westman's newest product, Revlon's Baby Stick for Lips and Cheeks, hits stores, but here's the technique so you'll be ready for spring: First, use fingers to dab on (do not draw or the color will be too bold) the brand's Just Bitten Balm Stain in Crave as a base, then do a quick swipe with the Baby Sticks. "I love these because they're easy to blend and you can't mess up, even on the cheeks!" Westman said. "But they're really great because they're baby-sized — us girls love little sizes." Heh.