Beautygram: Scribbled Eyes at Michael Kors

Photo: Christina Han

"Last season's Michael Kors girl was more like sex-on-the-slope," Shiseido's Dick Page said of the rosy, wind-chapped look. "This time, the girls' faces are really stripped down, less 'makeup-y' makeup and more of a little scribble." The "scribble" is actually colorful lines, drawn just above the crease of eyelids. Two Crayola-like hues were chosen: blue for the blondes and green for the brunettes. "The way the lines float above the eyes adds a nice bit of detail, kind of like how little earrings add that extra something to the face," the makeup artist explained. The look is also a nod to the mod sixties (minus the heavy faux lashes and white eyeliner) and complements Kors's sharp spring palette.