Best Bet: Stewart & Claire Lip Balms


By now we have heard more than enough about Brooklyn's artisanal pickles, sausages, and cold-brew coffee. And we would probably be rolling our eyes at the husband-and-wife team making small batches of lip balm in the borough if the resulting product wasn't so good (and basic). The Stewart & Claire line created by Kristin Donnelly, a Food & Wine editor, and Philip Cooper, a musician, contains a blend of organic ingredients, including avocado oil, jojoba oil, and extra-virgin coconut oil.  There are eight scents in all, but their most popular is Bare, which contains anti-inflammatory rosehip seed oil and is completely unscented. It's soothing enough to heal irritated skin anywhere, not just lips.

Stewart & Claire Lip Balms, $5, Stewart and Claire