Like Any Good Ex-Boyfriend, Calvin Klein Is Supposedly Stalking Nick Gruber

Designer Calvin Klein (R) and boyfriend Nick Gruber are seen on the streets of Manhattan on October 9, 2011 in New York City. Photo: Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

In his weekly address to the Post, the 22-year-old announced that he's being trailed by Klein-commissioned P.I.s, who've been trying to tell him something about his new boyfriend, John Luciano ("the nephew of infamous mobster Lucky Luciano," according to a caption once printed by Last night, Gruber and John were at dinner in downtown Manhattan when, "The investigator showed up at my table and started harassing me and my [boyfriend]. He said, 'Your boyfriend is in the mob and is being followed by the feds.' Then this morning he showed up at my hotel" — probably to ensure that his pillows were sufficiently fluffed. A source confirmed to "Page Six" that the designer enlisted the detectives' help because he thinks "Luciano and Gruber are involved in various unsavory business activities intended to embarrass him." CK, one thing: This is neither where the embarrassment begins nor ends.