Mother of Six-Year-Old Style Icon Doesn’t Think Designing Childrenswear ‘Makes Sense’

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are seen at the Central Park Zoo on July 11, 2012 in New York City. Photo: Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic

Katie Holmes sat down with WWD to talk about Holmes & Yang's New York Fashion Week debut (next Wednesday!), her feelings about the press (she has "a lot" of them!), and becoming the face of Bobbi Brown. Holmes signed with the beauty brand earlier this week, and her inaugural campaign is due out next spring. Come fall 2013, "her name will appear on a capsule collection of color cosmetics," and she's reportedly being paid between $2 million and $3 million as part of the multi-year contract; in the meantime, she has other projects to focus on, like her forthcoming presentation, telling the paper it's "a little more our speed" than holding a show, referring to herself and her stylist-turned-partner Jeanne Yang.

But Holmes & Yang hasn't compromised Katie's Most Important Job. In fact, she says the label was created with Suri in mind:

When Jeanne and I decided to do this — we're both mothers; our daughters are very good friends — and I said, "Jeanne, this has to be something that we enjoy, because we want to do it with our girls here." We started off because we wanted to have shirts that were well-made and went with everything. I just want something I can wear all the time and nobody's going to say, "Oh, I saw that yesterday." We try to make beautiful things, and we're not so trend-driven. We try to do a touch of rock and roll with our stuff, but keep it very classic.

Not included among the beautiful, rock and roll, and classic offerings: kidswear. Katie explained, "It's a lot of work for a price point that really doesn’t make sense for that age. Obviously, they can't wear them very long." It's always best to invest in pieces that they can't outgrow, like an $850 Ferragamo handbag. Anyway, don't mind me — that's just the Scientology speaking.