The Kanye West Look Book

Say what you will about Kanye's fashion label, but the man dresses himself with intent. Even in his early days, when his wardrobe consisted mostly of sweatshirts and blingy chains, he stood out in bold color combinations and lots of pink. A champion of the white tux, he often paired fancy sneakers (he now designs his own for Nike) with crisp black-tie attire on the red carpet. He later began edging his way into the high-fashion world, choosing Versace and Dior over hoodies and jeans, and trading in baggy pants for slim-fit; he also experimented with flashy statement pieces like huge fur coats and funky sunglasses. He has no shame when it comes to label worship, either, once wearing a women's Céline blouse to perform at Coachella. Enjoy a look back at his fashion evolution in our slideshow.